This Changes Everything

Saturday, May 29, 2010 – Day 1

Today, I decided the following:

On July 4, 2011 – Independence Day – I will be earning $100,000 per month.

My wife Susie and I currently earn roughly $100,000 per year, she as the assistant principal of a grade school and I as a writer for radio DJs.

We have great lives. We live in a nice home in a nice neighborhood in Southern California. We take nice vacation trips. We have three great kids. If this was as good as it got for us in our lives, we would (and do) consider ourselves spectacularly blessed.

But, this commitment to earn $100,000 per month changes everything.

The most important thing it does for me professionally is forces me out of my current “trap” of trading time for money. It forces me to own and run a business – right now. No waiting. No excuses. I have about 400 days to increase my salary tenfold. I don’t have any time to waste. This is going to be fun.

This challenge also changes the way I approach my life each and every day.

It means I will need to wake each morning with that $100,000 on the brain. Writing in this blog will be a good routine to keep me focused on the task at hand and making every professional decision with that $100,000 in mind. Again. I only have 400 days. I don’t have any time to waste being undisciplined.

It means I need to stop asking those around me for advice. The people we are surrounded by earn plus-or-minus 10 percent of what we earn. It’s actually rather uncanny. Since I don’t have any friends that make $100K per month and I don’t have any family members who are making $100K per month, I’m on my own as a lead shark – and I have to learn to be comfortable with that.

It means I need to stop asking those around me for approval. I’m a verbal guy. I am a storyteller. Therefore, I enjoy telling my friends and family what I’m up to. In this case, at least at the start, I feel the need to go stealth. If I’m going to ramp up to $100K per month in the next year, I can’t be distracted by the implicit request for approval that comes with storytelling. I’ll chronicle my successes and failures in this blog.

It means my efforts need to be seriously focused on the Internet. The sort of wildly accelerated growth I’m gunning for is still possible online. And, since I don’t have a ton of start-up capital and since my skillset as a writer/producer is perfectly suited for this arena, it’s my best guess as to where to start.

It means I need to be doing different things. The decisions I’ve been making for the first 38 years of my life have brought me here. I have earning habits. I have spending habits. I have habits that result in me spending my time doing certain things and seeing the world in a certain way. Time to shake up those decisions. Time to shake up those habits. To get a different result, I need to do vastly different things.

Time to get busy.

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