Attacking It on Tuesday

Tuesday, June 1, 2010 – Day 4

Yesterday, I banged out a letter to Janie Hewson, my marketing coach, explaining where I’m coming from and where I see myself going. It is a good snapshot of where my head is at right now. Here’s that letter:

Whoah, Janie –

I am way off the reservation and don’t want to continue trudging forward without checking in with you and letting you know where I’m at.

In the time that we’ve been working together, we have been trying to set me up with a company that produces motion picture properties. In my mind, that has been the goal.

As you know, the delay in my funding has given me pause and caused me to question my interest in being involved in the motion picture industry. I haven’t gotten to the point of rejecting it outright. I believe my skillset serves me well in this business, but there are a lot of fundamental things about it I don’t like.

I’ve only got 70 or 80 more working years in me. I don’t want to squander them!

When I’ve been sitting down and trying to map out what my company looks like (again, our goal to this point), it’s still unclear. The company used to look something like Bruckheimer’s company, but the truth is Bruckheimer built his company during a vastly different era than the one I’m facing.

And, such a company would still require me to “spitball,” to throw products out there with highly uncertain returns.

This used to not bother me. But now it does.

Perhaps it’s fatigue. Perhaps it’s an impending midlife crisis. Or, my shaky personal finances. Whatever the reason, I am approaching all aspects of my career from a completely different angle and do not believe I’ll be swayed back into my old way of thinking.

I am looking to use my skills, knowledge, energy, imagination, ambition and ability to learn things quickly in an arena that’s growing and more reliably quantifiable – which is why I keep gravitating back to the Internet.

Here’s the number one thing I like about the Internet. I like that the people sitting at their computers, typing away, surfing around… are sitting on WALLETS. That contain credit cards. I can make a sale TODAY. This is a clear opportunity. This excites me.

When I think of the traditional entertainment industry, it’s fuzzy as hell. Gotta secure money. Gotta win over gatekeepers. Everything is subjective. Tons of flaky assholes. So much is out of my control and spread out over unsatisfactory and unreliable time horizons. To continue to swim in these murky, stagnant, predator-laden waters seems foolish at best – and irresponsible at worst.

The more time I spend bouncing around “trying to get a show made,” the more time I am NOT staking my claim online and building a sales-generating machine.

How about this…

If I told you that you’d have to generate net profits of $100,000 per month in a year’s time or you could never again have a sip of booze, would you wake up tomorrow morning and “try to get a show made?”

Me neither. That’s a horrible plan – if the goal is to make $100K per month.

I want to earn $100,000 per month and I want to do it before my 40th birthday. That’s one year away. 400 days.

When I think about the challenge in this way (money or bust!), things seem very clear to me. It’s simply a matter of provoking $100,000 worth of customers to reach for their wallets. And, it doesn’t matter what the product is… Ice to Eskimos! Shit to dogs!

I’m already a content creation expert. I write. I direct. I edit. I design graphics. I program websites. (Can’t sing. Bummer.)

By the end of this year, I’m going to be an expert at online commerce and I’m going to be rich.

That’s where I’m at. Wild, no?

I’m excited to hear what you think of this. I’m also excited for YOU to leverage the power of the Internet in big ways. Wouldn’t it be great if, in one year, both of us are completely free of trading time for money?

Bigger schmucks than us have done it. Why not us?

Happy Memorial Day and best wishes always –


Today, I will:

  1. Brainstorm 10 potential businesses.
  2. Learn what every social networking icon is.
  3. Finish watching those Eben Pagen videos.

It’s going to be a great day.

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