The iPad Is a Big Deal

Thursday, June 3, 2010 – Day 6

Had a highly productive day, knocking out all my list from yesterday, with the exception of the calendar. I printed out blank calendars, but didn’t get to the actual mapping out.

Came to the conclusion that the iPad is a big deal – and will only get bigger. It’s more organic to life. People will be doing everything on their iPad. I want to fill that thing with content.

Today, I will visit Gina and see what kind of deal I can swing for graphics for all these projects.

I may also be visiting Janie. I’m curious to hear her take on this – but wonder if I’m out here on my own. There are basic marketing principles at work to be sure, but I just don’t know how much I need to or want to be personally branded in this online endeavor.

Because of all the chasing around I have to do, my desk time will be limited and my list will be short.

Today I will:

  1. Prepare for and meet Gina
  2. Sketch out a rough calendar
  3. Prepare for meeting with Janie
  4. Make a decision about the Eben Pagan program

Another epic day – with only 394 to go…

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