Day 15 – GreenAndGoldGlasses is in.

Saturday, June 12, 2010 – Day 15

385 days to go.

Needed to do some research this week and ended up ordering Arnel’s stuff. Easy… No need to get too crazy. The product that I will be putting out there will be plenty cool and plenty useful. Arnel’s product is about 200 pages of text and a bunch of little videos.

My product will be even better. Lots of recipes. Lots of video. Hours and hours worth.

It will also be something where they get a weekly blast of stuff. It’s not like I’ll just dump a pile of information on their front porch and run away. I’ll be there week-in, week-out for 12 weeks (or whatever). The downside risk… This could remind them to cancel me. On the other hand, it probably will lead to more sales – and allow me to get a higher price for my product.

I think the product should be a quarterly product. Three months. Twelve weeks. One month to slim down. One month to strengthen. One month to shred.

Real quick… Also considering creating the website. Just fuckin’ doing it, ya know? Create content. Get really good at it. Green and gold eyeglasses. Green and gold beer mugs. Video. Text. Funny stuff. Leveraging the Badger Hollywood network and everything I can find. Just being outrageous. Just being a guy who people can have fun with.

Today, I will:

  • Brainstorm the components of the SixPackDaddy product.
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