Don’t Blink. Don’t Pause.

Thursday, June 17, 2010 – Day 20

My last entry was Saturday, June 12. I blinked. I paused. And, whooosh… Five days went screaming by.

The reason I am writing this blog is sort of meditative. It forces me to, every day, consider the challenge at hand. If I blink. If I pause. If I take a day off, I may just miss five full fucking days.

Now, the last five days haven’t been worthless. I moved forward on Beer Beach with Kurt, chopped vegetables, took notes, and moved my computer systems forward toward full functionality. But, most of this effort was unfocused.

The other problem is that I’m stuck at 200 pounds. Part of my 100K effort – a BIG part – is my For me to do this, I need to… well… have a six-pack. That isn’t happening. It needs to.

And, because I’ve got about $700 in wagers on the line in the near term, it needs to happen before July 8. That is exactly three weeks away. In other words, I must lose 15 pounds in three weeks.

Consider even the greater challenge…

I need to lose these 15 pounds with Anne coming to town one weekend, then Kurt and Kara coming to town the next weekend, then us visiting Kurt and Kara the following weekend.

Beer, I must admit, has become the biggest obstacle in this quest. If I’m going to pull off this miracle – which I fully intend to do – then I’ve gotta cut back on the beer in a big way. Actually, pretty much eliminate it. I just can’t afford to drink it.

I also must increase the intensity and frequency of my workouts. I’ve been going for walks. That’s nice. In the afternoons, I also need to do something that pushes my limits. Maybe a P90X cardio deal. Maybe my own workout. Something to blast fat. I’ll do the math a little later, but I’m thinking of setting a benchmark of 1,000 calories burned in exercise per day. That’s a commitment I need to make – and follow through.

Okay, back at it. Today, I will:

  1. Do 1,000 calories worth of exercise
  2. Enter all my food and notes into the SixPackDaddy blog
  3. Install the Quicktime update necessary to read the Beer Beach footage

I’m back in business. Just keep doing the right things. With focus. Every day.

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