Father’s Day

Sunday, June 20, 2010 – Day 23

It’s Father’s Day. 377 days to go. Pretty much took the day off yesterday. Will dial the action back today also to celebrate with my family and Anne.

In my phone conversation with Janie, the most important thing we talked about was actually somewhat spiritual. I need to have faith. There needs to be zero doubt that what I’m doing is awesome and will make a ton of money.

  1. Beer Beach is a revolutionary, hilarious, priceless fiction property.
  2. When the New Mexico and the Georgia money comes in, I will be poised to take advantage of both with two great feature film properties.
  3. I will be making a huge, lucrative splash with DaddySixPack.com, selling an awesome and effective fitness program – and setting me up as an online ShamWow guy.
  4. There is also money to be made writing GreenAndGoldGlasses.com. It will be the most provocative, cool, addictive Packers blog on the planet.

These things are awesome because I am awesome. I have worked very hard – and continue to work very hard – to be awesome.

377 days to go. The question, now that my head is right, is what can I do now?

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