The Happytalk Is Back

Thursday, June 24, 2010 – Day 27

It’s Day 27 – 373 days to go. And, the Happytalk is back.

Supposedly, the film will be funded Monday. This may happen. That would be tremendous. But what should I be doing as a detached magic maker? Especially considering the other bit of news I heard – which is that Susie is taking a pay cut.

Since we cannot sustain this level of spending at our current income levels, the news of the pay cut means we must change our ways. The pay cut is more of a certainty than the movie funding. So… I need to make money.

With this in mind, I’m going to throw all my weight behind getting SixPackDaddy off the ground. Two fronts to this battle.

1 – Losing weight. Working out and eating right are now my job. I need to sweat first thing in the morning and then (new twist) get that second workout in sometime in the afternoon.

2 – I need to start putting the actual program into place. I have to actually write the thing. Even though I’m still flabby, I can write it, start executing it.


Before I go to Alaska, I need to focus on just a couple things – and not a long list.

  1. Getting my stories written ahead for my day job.
  2. Making sure Beer Beach has everything it needs to continue rolling forward.
  3. Writing SixPackDaddy and getting down to 185 pounds.
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