Day 43 – My Birthday Entry

July 12, 2010 – 357 days to go until I’m earning $100,000 per month.

What’s going to need to happen in the coming days? What’s my life going to look like?

Part of the way I will earn $100,000 per month is by selling my SixPackDaddy fitness product, which means I must be fit.

I, then, must make the necessary changes, sacrifices and COMMITMENT to being fit. I can’t be a fat guy selling a plan that gets you ripped. I need to be ripped. Moreso, I’m excited to be ripped.

When I get off the boat, I’m going to attack the fitness deal from a process point of view. I will lay out the map I think will take me there – and follow that map. Victories will be scored when I follow through, day by day, on process.

What’s on that map?

  1. Definitely less booze.
  2. Set menus that I stick to religiously.
  3. Daily exercise. Sometimes twice per day. Intense.

$100,000 per month is at stake here. Booming sexuality is at stake here. At age 50, things will be different. My window is now.

Exercise is a huge deal. I must put all work, my business or day job or family or marketing, as a back seat to my fitness business. My fitness business is the thing I focus on on in the next quarter. My number one business is burning calories. Nothing else is as important.

If I write a little less, get a little less editing done or graphics done because I’m exercising, that’s how it’s got to be. That’s the way it will be.

Upon returning to California, I will be a fitness freak, ripping crazy workouts, eating clean, fresh, whole foods, stopping at nothing to reclaim my 32-inch waist.

So, then, everything takes a back seat to fitness. I’m the boss and I say fitness comes first. Everything and everybody else must wait. What does that mean?

It means I have to scale back the partying. I means I have to be “rude” in certain situations and not accept food or eat what everyone else is eating. I must have singleness of purpose and an unwavering belief that I will achieve my goal.

My purpose? To be lean. Period.

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